Friday, February 15, 2008

Broadcast Yourself

I've been telling companies in the Financial Services space for some time now that they must begin thinking like publishers if they want to get their stories told. But not traditional, paper-based publishers. They must embrace every new way their prospects choose to receive information. Increasingly, those methods involve New Media.

This story on Boing Boing is an excellent example of how clever marketers can utilize new consumer technologies to get their information out there. The CharmingBurka is likely to be a bit hit in the West as it allows Muslim women to stay true to their religion without sacrificing the ability to interact with society on our terms. And everyone wants to know what's underneath.

Businesses will have to be more clever than that. Consumers will quickly lose patience with firms that force advertisements onto their handsets. But what about those people at the trade shows who are interested but don't want to get caught up in a lengthy sales pitch. Wouldn't it be nice to just point a cell phone and get the basics?

Just one more reason that every marketing department needs to have someone who is spending time out on the cutting edge of the New Media frontier.
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