Saturday, September 29, 2012

Celebrating the Books We Ban

One of the most exciting things about living in the Internet Age is that there is absolutely nothing that is hidden from us anymore. Someone, somewhere has posted something that will help us learn or experience just about anything we want.

Everyday we hear about companies and governments who are trying to throttle back the Internet to make some information inaccessible. We should remember that this is nothing new. Censorship has always been a tool used by those who keep others at a disadvantage, though it is often employed under the guise of protecting people from forbidden knowledge.

In our minds, no knowledge should be forbidden for it is what people do that creates good or evil, not what they know.

We were pleased to see that this coming week is Banned Books Week. We support this effort and urge you to learn more about it. What a great way to use New Media, to raise awareness of the need to keep old media free and uncensored.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Never Run out of Content Marketing Ideas

Content Marketing is all the rage these days. People are acting as if this is a new invention and marketing managers are hot to figure out how to use it. This is nothing new and it's been used on a national scale in the United States since the dawn of the radio age.

There was a reason that the biggest brands chose to tie their names to radio networks back in the 20s, 30s and 40s. There was no better way to attract a huge audience. But even back then, they were clever enough to know that you couldn't keep that audience unless you offered them something they valued.

Back then, and for many content marketers today, it was entertainment, but as this info-graphic points out, it can be many other things as well.

At RGA, we specialize in content marketing because we believe that as the lines separating marketing, advertising and public relations continue to blur, the end result will be a massively connected audience capable of defusing any marketing gimmick and uncovering any spin almost instantly. Corporate communications will have to fall back on truth to get their messages out, even when it comes to entertainment (remember the firsts rule of fiction writing: tell the truth!). I'm actually looking forward to it.

Maybe you're already with us on this and busy creating effective content marketing material on your own. If you get stuck, click through to this info-graphic and see if it doesn't get you working again in no time.