Friday, March 28, 2008

Sharing photos for business or pleasure

People have been sharing photos on sites like Flickr and Google's Picasa for some time now. It makes it easier to share pics of the grandchildren with the folks and embarrass your friends after the New Year's Eve party.

Last week I learned how powerful photo sharing could be as a tool for business networking. Using Utterz, I was able to snap a photo of an interviewee with my camera phone, e-mail it in to my social media site and by the time our discussion was over, I could show them their smiling face on my website. It opened some eyes to the concept of instant publishing.

Later, I was able to create a slideshow with Flickr and post it to my homepage, letting everyone in my market know who was making news at the recent business conference.

Now, Adobe has put a version of its Photoshop application online as part of a new photo sharing site. Now as powerful as the full version (or even Photoshop Elements), it will still allow you to do plenty with your snapshots. While other sharing sites and standalone apps on the web offer online photo editing, Adobe is the professional's choice, which should attract a significant offering to the site.
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