Monday, November 26, 2007

CIT: Getting B2B Online Video Right

Finally, a great use of online video for B2B marketing can be found on the CIT website. Here's what these guys are doing right, IMHO:
  • Keeping it short; none of these videos are longer than 3 minutes;
  • Focusing on the topic; each segment centers on one or two related questions;
  • Professional production; making it easy to see and smooth to stream;
  • Backing it up; plenty of related material elsewhere on the page;
  • Creating a series; the viewer is pulled from segment to segment;
  • Serving the viewer; nothing about CIT here, it's all about informing us;
  • Made it easy; it starts automatically...but not until you scroll down.
Very well done and a great example for your own B2B marketing efforts. Click the start button to start the video.

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